Think Peace

Our Children's Future

For centuries you have shed blood on the hot desert sand.
It stands to reason you love your land.
Politics, religion and revenge make all of us blind.
One common ground we need to find.
Our children and your children are the key,
to break this cycle, we currently see.
We share a special feeling, we do not stand alone,
when we welcome the night and see their peaceful faces sleeping safe at home.
This priceless love for our children, we can not compare,
to a mere bag of gold or a diamond that is rare.
So I hope you can see,
even though we may live across the sea,
we should all want our children to grow,
in a world united, that hasn’t a foe.
Antonio Garza


The wind runs cold and howls,
as it blows through the home's dismembered bowels.
Dark red patches stain the floor,
where the century old rug used to lay by the door.
Broken remnants of furniture lay all around.
They still rest where they were blown to the ground.
If you closed your eyes and filtered out the night,
you would soon pick out the echoing fright.
It begins with the gentle, rhythmic breathing, of peaceful children sleeping,
then abruptly interrupted by the night's senseless bombing.
The children scream and cry out in pain,
but soon quiet down as only their lifeless bodies remain.

This is too painful a memory for any parent to bear.
Please think of our children, Ahmed, Tommy, Leila or Blair.
They deserve to sleep through the night,
and peacefully welcome the sun's first light.
The future lies in their hands,
but how can we give them the world as it stands.
North hating South and East hating West.
The moment to talk is now, stand out above the crowd.
It's not too late, let's make them proud.
Antonio Garza


Side by side, two boys hike through the woods in wonder,
each imagining he was a famous explorer.
Always aware of each other's presence,
that's how it is, with friendship's essence.
They jump and they climb through difficult terrain.
Trudging forward, even in the light spring rain.
They urge each other on, all goals realistic,
their will and endurance increased, through a friendship truly synergistic.

Their enjoyment soon turns to fear,
as one boy screams out for all to hear.
In a blink of an eye their joyful hike,
turned into a life threatening fight.
Slowly advancing to look over the ledge,
a boy sees his friend dangling from a crumbling edge.
So close, but still too far to give him two helping hands,
he prays for guidance, right where he stands.

Struck by inspiration, he sees a small crevice.
One false move and he falls down the precipice.
He inches downward and reaches his frantic friend.
One second more and his life would have been at an end.
Both safely back on the flat ground,
the boy embraces his friend, "Mohammed, I'm glad you were around.
You risked your life and you saved mine.
I am in your debt, 'till the end of time."
"Johnny, you don't owe me anything my friend, my brother.
We live in one world, we should all love each other."
Antonio Garza


The days pass by faster,
your body, you can't seem to master.
Limbs ache with exertion,
medications taken to aid the digestion.
Your mind stops thinking of the fresh and new,
and evolves into remembering the past you knew.

By the time you realize you are but a speck in the sand,
it is usually too late to caress your little one's hand.
So much time was given to unimportant positions,
your life passed you by without intermissions.

Wishes now are of going back in time,
to have nurtured more little smiles for your memories at bedtime.
One has but one fragile human life,
it is short and fast and can dull like a knife.
Memories are all we have at the end.
Don't have ones that you need to amend.
Antonio Garza


It is true what they say, “We reap what we sow”,
we see our reflection "IF" we see our kids grow.
A child's will is simple and very pliable,
decreased ability to reason is undeniable.

They trust completely their father and mother,
with others' thinking they do not bother.
A parent's show of hate and mistrust,
envelops their mind like an impenetrable crust.

Caring, patience and love is what they should see,
to better our world our goal should be.
This can not happen if we rot our own seeds,
very few flowers grow in a sea of weeds.
Antonio Garza


Dreadful eerie sound undeserved,
stirring their young auditory nerve.

Dreadful enveloping stench,
reprehensible smell with which to drench.

Dreadful taste so undeniable,
once encountered so unforgettable.

Dreadful pain once inflicted,
avoidance behavior grows unrestricted.

Dreadful visions of torture and death,
a man's right to live violated at his last breath.

Horrid stimuli to experience and find,
within the hollows of a young child's mind.
Antonio Garza


The child slept peacefully dreaming of the sea and all its wonder,
only to be woken with distant rumbling sounds over yonder.
"Mother!" He screamed out dazedly.
"It's okay my child," she responded vigilantly.
She embraced her son tightly in her protective arms,
hoping he didn't also hear the bomb alarms.
"What was that noise?"
"Thunder." She responded in a calming voice.
"Why is it thundering so much lately, Mother?"
"The skies must be angry. Don't you bother."
Her son trembled within her arms. "I am afraid."
"Sleep child. It will soon fade."
Minutes passed and the rumbling subsided,
but flickering lights erased the darkness as neighboring roofs ignited.
She closed her eyes and wished for peace,
still feeling the void of her husband recently deceased.
"I love you mother," the boy said half asleep.
"I love you child." She began to weep.
Antonio Garza


Into the darkness he scurried,
constantly told he need not worry.
He hid from the eyes up above,
a great unknown for a young one in love.
The love of life and family was a new emotion,
we all discover as we mature, it is not a new notion.
Continuously moving with no time to play,
still very confused why they could not stay.
He missed his friends. He missed his school.
His education lacked, but he was no fool.
Grown-ups around him and those far away,
can't agree on a few things, to his dismay.
Unnatural growth for him and for many is at hand,
unless we as grown-ups can agree on politics, religion or land.
They don't care about who said what or a position to defend,
just to love and be loved and to play with a friend.
Think of them the next time there is a dispute,
a young tree in the darkness will never bear fruit.
Antonio Garza

The Ocean

For billions of years the ocean has pounded the shore.
Unrelentless day after day, though you pray or implore.
It shows no mercy. It shows no weakness.
It'll destroy anything in its path, good or full of wickedness.
Its destruction is blind, pure and natural.
You can not compare to human destruction, which is purely cultural.
Has not the ability to think and reason made us better than nature?
If not, our advantage is lost and we have no future.

Children will play with each other not caring of religion, sex or race.
Their interaction is simple, no matter the face.
They are better than nature, their being, untainted.
Sadly, history shows, their being, is slowly repainted.
A transformation occurs, they become a human ocean.
Hate takes root, the beginning of cultural destruction.

We need to be better. We must break new ground.
We can not do this, with so much hatred around.
We need to stop dwelling. We can not change the past.
If we can not overcome our differences now, human beings will not last.
In the history of the earth, we are a miniscule segment.
Easily erased from this planet by a stray meteor fragment.
If we destroy humankind, and our children we so much adore,
At the end of it all, the ocean will still pound the shore.
Antonio Garza


Religious conflict. Political conflict. Cultural conflict.
Children's healthy growth we do restrict.
In an area where so much hatred persists,
bilateral thinking desisits.
When two fight only one winner will prevail,
when no one fights two winners triumphantly hail.
One can not lose if one does not fight.
If you do not fight you don't have less might.
On the contrary, your personal light,
in the eyes of all, will shine very bright.
The light of triumph, the light of reason,
shines brighter than the sun, no matter the season.
Be a beacon of hope for your family and your community,
peacefully talk out your disputes and commit to world unity.
Antonio Garza

Tired Soul

God... Allah... Primordial Wisdom... Brahman... Universal Mind.
The truth we struggle for decades to find.
We don't need to know them All.
We just need to know One, for then One becomes them All.
Oneness in nothing. Oneness with all.
Our enlightenment is lost whenever we fall.
The soul gets tired during the search, don't rush to your end,
it is Truth, Compassion, Love and Wisdom that we need to defend.
Antonio Garza

The Search

The darkness slowly relinquished its hold on the nocturnal upheaval,
only to show dust and debris creating a haze at roof top level.
Scores of small footprints now blemish the blanket of dirt overthrow,
surely preferring to be gracing a virgin beach or fresh white snow.

The paths aren't straight but tumultuous in nature.
They show the search pattern of a small one in a bleak and frantic fervor.
Tears pouring down his tired face,
finding his parents within the rubble, it is a race.
Without success and all alone in this hostile environment,
he'll surely die, another victim of modern armament.

So far away and yet within reach,
children all over the world suffer while we preach.
Politicians and Dictators so focused on financial gain and political success,
overlook their reason for being, to help the incapable and not to oppress.
Antonio Garza

Guns - Guns - Guns

Guns aren't the reason. Guns aren't the blame.
It's human nature, the reason for their fame.
Guns are but a tool for modern man.
Guns can put food on the table, that's not out of a can.
Guns can save lives.
Guns can take lives.
When confronted by thugs with your child in your arm,
a gun can deter your child from coming to harm.
But when used for evil, or evil intentions are the game,
a gun, a knife, or even a stick can kill or maim.
In an ideal society or an ideal world,
guns wouldn’t have been created or have taken hold.
Let's fix this world so that the only reason for their support,
is for their use in an Olympic sport.
Antonio Garza

Man or Animal?

An animal is born and quickly learns eat or be eaten.
A child is born and if unguided, with an immoral life he will be stricken.
An animal solely decides based on survivability.
For man, the survivalist path is inferior to one based on morality.
With baby steps we begin a life long learning process.
As we mature and grow, with leaps and bounds we like to progress.
Backward steps will be taken as we proceed to life's altar,
our ability to choose as sentient beings will sometimes falter.
Men will understand but will hold you accountable for your mistake.
If you own up and make amends then from your honor they should not take.
Richness in gold is fleeting,
while richness in spirit is enduring.
The greatest beings in this world were not because they were rich in gold,
far superior in their compassion and wisdom was their key if truth be told.
Antonio Garza

Dedicated To The Child Executed In Afghanistan...

For righteous deeds we all follow our religion,
in life we hope to make a pure and just decision.
Somehow we are led astray by our own human weakness,
the more we try to purify the more we grow in rigidness.
Some reach a point in their life where the true meaning of God is muddled,
they walk astray of the straight path, their guide is befuddled.
How much confusion does one have in their heart,
to kill an innocent seven year old child for suspicions of the spying art?
Despair and contempt must have enveloped the parents,
as their child's last breath became apparent.
Those that stand by and allow this atrocity,
can weep and whine but they are just as guilty.
It is our fault our children suffer,
as our courage and commitment to them falter.
Rest in peace child so you can start anew,
this world does not deserve you.
Antonio Garza

Meaning of Life

In the same way the banks of a mighty river change in the wet and dry seasons,
Our spirituality changes with our moments of Light and Darkness.
And as such, the "Meaning of Life" changes with our changing spirituality.
With Reflection, Meditation and abolishment of jealousy, pride, anger, desire and ignorance,
We come to realize that we are Spirit that is never born or that never dies.
We are Spirit having a "Human" experience in order to grow.
One day our Spirit will have no further need of growing for we had become one with the "ALL"
Antonio Garza


Head Tingling...
Ears Ringing...
Lights Flashing...
Mind Meditating...
Hard work to leave this suffering hell...
Only to realize we were in heaven as well.
Hell and Heaven coexist.
It's the realization that is missed.
Antonio Garza

Spiritual Evolution

Empty prayers...
Heartless mantras...
Reward you won't reap...
Might as well stay asleep...
Intention and emotion are a must to set your spirituality ablaze.
So get out of the haze.
Listen to the evolving wisdom of your heart.
Tomorrow may be too late to start.
Antonio Garza

Restless Mind

Like a flock of birds, tainting the sky, flying one way then as if one,
quickly changing directions blocking a larger part of the serene sky in the process,
then changing directions once more, again blocking a larger part of sky,
hiding from view the serenity in the background.
This is your restless mind.
One meaningless, distractive thought after another fighting for center stage.
These uncontrolled thoughts block the peaceful and tranquil primordial wisdom resting in the background.
Train your mind through reflection and meditation.
Don't let distractive and meaningless thoughts hide your view of the primordial wisdom within you.
Ground that flock of cackling birds in your mind,
like as if nighttime was upon us and your thoughts were nestled in the trees quiet and sleeping.
Experience the primordial wisdom inherent in all of us.
Antonio Garza

Infinite Paths

Many paths lead to the oasis,
Water, a life giving element, is precious to all.
Big animals create big paths.
Small animals create small paths.
Without it, all will die.
As such, infinite paths lead to the Oasis of our Soul.
Size, shape and quality of the path depends upon the seeker.
For wouldn't you think that being infinite times more precious than a mere physical element
there would be infinite more paths leading to God?
Our temple of belief will tumble with the slightest tremor if built upon sandy ground.
But unshakable is our temple knowing it rests upon Love, Openness and Forgiveness for all.
Infinite Wisdom and Love abounds so infinite paths abound as well.
Antonio Garza


Life is like a raindrop. It comes from the source and for a fleeting moment
it senses individuality until it falls into the ocean and becomes whole with the source again.
Antonio Garza


Through reflection, suffering can be a catalyst for growth, but if improperly channeled it will lead to decay.
Antonio Garza


There are as many pathways to the truth as there are people on the pathway.
Antonio Garza


The world belongs to the stupidity of man.
Aspire for divinity.
The stupid will never rule over the divine.
For then, you shall truly be free.
Antonio Garza

Short Stories

For The Kid In All Of Us

"Mr. Brumpi and The Sea's Ol' Song"

By: Antonio Garza

Mr. Brumpi, a little dragon gnome, that lived in a tree by the sea,
woke up one day, all grumpy you see.
Stumbling out of his little bed,
with his stomach waiting to be fed,
he wakes up his friend Mr. Tuddles,
a dragon caterpillar, that lives within reach of his grumbles.

"Mr. Brumpi, what is it? What is wrong?"
"Mr. Tuddles I am tired of that ol' song!"
"Ol' song? Are you tired of me?"
"No Mr. Tuddles, I am tired of the sea."
"But Mr. Brumpi, we have lived here all our lives."
"I know Mr. Tuddles, but decent food and decent sleep, is all a gnome strives.
With the air howling and the rumbling of the water
I just couldn't sleep. Oh, what a bother."

"If you leave Mr. Brumpi, I will go to.
I love you like a brother, you know I do."
"I couldn't ask you to leave your home for me.
If I did, an ogre is what I would be."
"Ogre, shm-ogre. When do we leave?" asked Mr. Tuddles, adding a wink.
"As soon as I pack up everything, including the sink."

By noon that day, they were ready to go.
Where they would go, they still didn't know.
"Mr. Brumpi, do you know where will be our new home?"
"No Mr. Tuddles, and for that, we must roam.
My heart will know," he said, as he reached for his chest.
"But I think, we should start by heading west."

"Some nice mountains are there," said Mr. Tuddles smiling.
"But I do believe, you'll have to do some climbing.
I sure hope, our quest is short, and the weather fair."
"Well if gets cold there, you can take refuge within my hair"
"Thank you Mr. Brumpi, but I feel I'm not doing much."
"That's okay Mr. Tuddles, I knew it would be such.
You are so little, and extremely fragile,
it would take a long time, to crawl but a mile.
You relax there upon my shoulder,
but hang on tight, if I jump a boulder."

Mr. Brumpi walked for hours pulling his cart,
feeling tired, he had to stop to rest his heart.
Are we there yet? asked Mr. Tuddles, waking from his nap.
"No, but with this bright sun, I wish I had a cap."
Mr. Brumpi dried his sweaty forehead,
while Mr. Tuddles, amazed at his face so red.

Mr. Brumpi rested and drank some water,
but in his heart he knew, he had to go farther.
Into the mountains, they trudged ahead,
"Something's not right," is all he said.
They reached a plateau, where they found a little doe,
when they stopped to see,
he realized, what a mistake this would be.
"Are we there yet?" asked Mr. Tuddles again.
"I'm afraid not, 'cause my heart is beating, times ten."

Wearing a heavy frown, Mr. Brumpi, scrambled back down.
They walked to the river, they had seen over yonder,
and were amazed, with all its wonder.
"Are we there yet?" asked Mr. Tuddles.
"No, I can't live amongst, all these muddy puddles."
Pulling his cart though the quagmire,
a very dry ground, he did desire.

A short time later, they reached a nice knoll,
and soon found out, here lived a nasty dragon troll.
Running fast and breathing heavy,
Mr. Brumpi dead tired, pulled hard and pulled steady.

They reached a big desert, that was too hot and dry.
Here they both felt, as if they would fry.
"Are we there yet?" Mr. Tuddles asked again.
"Certainly not, we're in the scorpion's den."
In great dismay, that was all Mr. Brumpi could say.

With little energy left, he had but just an ounce,
Mr. Brumpi began, to feel his heart pounce.
A faint soothing song, he heard over yonder,
and in this desert, he did not flounder.

He followed the sound, as his heart urged him to,
and when he got there, his heart split in two.
Standing before him, was his beautiful old tree,
and he started to cry, as he fell on one knee.

"Are we there yet?" asked Mr. Tuddles, with a tear in his eye.
"Yes... Mr. Tuddles," he replied with a sigh.
"I feel ashamed, it took me this long,
to realize, I really needed the sea's ol' song."

"Mr. Brumpi And The Big Dirty Sea"

By: Antonio Garza

The grass was green and short and the trees were strong and tall.
But no matter how short or tall the things were,
they swayed to and fro, but still didn't fall.
The wind didn't halt and tasted of salt.
And the black clouds flew low,
wetting everything in their morning show.

Mr. Brumpi, by the tree, was not full of glee.
"Mr. Brumpi, why are you sad?"
asked a dragon caterpillar from his little hole in the tree.
"You know this rain will come and go as it pleases.
Mother Nature fills up the clouds, and then she squeezes."

"I know Mr. Tuddle. The storm is not why I am sad."
"Well, what is it Mr. Brumpi? What is it that's so bad?"
"I am sad for what the storm has brought,"
said Mr. Brumpi, with sadness he was fraught.
He pointed to the beach as the waves hit with a splash.
"It's the beach, it's all littered with trash!
There's cans and bottles and a broken doll's face,
there's broken whatevers all over the place.
Mr. Tuddle, what can we do?"
"I don't know Mr. Brumpi. I don't have a clue.
All that stuff is human trash," he said as another wave went splash.
"What can a caterpillar and a short little dragon gnome do?
That is a big question. What are we to do?
We don't speak human and we can't read or write.
Quite frankly Mr. Brumpi, I'm in a big fright.
I am afraid that when they see us, we'll be put in a jar for all to see.
Like they did to my cousin Ms. Marie."

Over the sand flew a squawky white gull.
"Trash...trash...trash, all full of brine,"
he squawked as he followed the shoreline.
"I can't find a decent meal, with all this trash, there is no appeal."
Eyeing Mr. Brumpi by the tree,
he decided to fly to him, for it was him he must see.

"Mr. Brumpi, I flew east and I flew west.
All along the shore was like an old rat's nest.
Trash, trash, trash was all I could see.
It's keeping the fish away. All this debris."

"It's disconcerting Mr. Gull, I do agree, and I feel your dismay.
Mr. Tuddle and I were discerning that trash the very same way,"
"How is Mr. Tuddle?" searching the tree, asked the gull.
"Oh, he is fine, and he is getting quite tall.
But, he has decided to go back in his hole, and away from your beak,
for he knows what it is that you seek."

"I see. I see," he squawked, again searching the tree.
"Well, I must go. But, I simply must know.
Do you have an idea of what to do?
I wish I knew before I flew."
"Alas, Mr. Gull, I haven't a clue,
the forest and us are in a big to do.
Fly away Mr. Gull, fly long and fly fast,
Mr. Tuddle and I will seek answers from our past."

The squawky white gull flew away,
letting Mr. Tuddle live another day.
"Mr. Tuddle, Mr. Tuddle, the gull is long gone,
you can't even hear his squawky old song."
"Oh, Mr. Brumpi, I am pleased and relieved."
"I know Mr. Tuddle, I quickly perceived."
"You know Mr. Tuddle, seeing him go, made my head a glow."
"So you have an idea!
That is great, go on, let's hear-ya."
"When the moon is full and floating above us,
we'll pick up much trash with help from the walrus.
We'll walk this big pile,
oh, for a about a mile.
And, in front of the home of old Mayor Pitt,
along with some sand, we will dump it."

"What good will that do? Dumping sand and dumping trash?"
"Oh, I guarantee Mr. Tuddle, it'll be quite a bash."
"A bash? Dumping this trash?
Sounds to me all we'll get is a big red rash."
"Don't worry Mr. Tuddle, it all will work out.
You'll see this idea get us out of this bout."

They picked and they scooped and worked hard through the night,
but when they were finished, oh, what a sight!
In front of the mayor's home, they piled a surprise,
his home started stinking soon after sunrise.

The mayor screamed, "What is this? Who did this? This is not right?
Who dared do this to me when there was no light?"
The police chief came by and inspected the scene,
the only thing found, were foot prints, where the grass wasn't green.
"Mayor Pitt, I do believe, here lies a message for us to read.
Whether human, or forest or animal are we,
clean air and clean water, it is what we need."

Mayor Pitt thought for a moment and then he declared,
"We'll clean the beaches, the forest and even the streets people fared.
I don't want my children to have to grow up
in a modern fast world that we all helped stink up."

The people worked all day long
while they sang a happy song.
For they knew in their heart
that although worlds apart,
every living creature on earth, walking, crawling or swimming,
had certain rights and deserved a clean living!

Mr. Brumpi, and Mr. Tuddle, now happy, looked unto the clean sea.
They even saw at a distance, Mr. Gull, squawking with glee.

Mr. Brumpi Rides A Horse

By: Antonio Garza

Mr. Brumpi, a little dragon gnome that lives in a tree by the sea,
saw humans riding horses one day, while drinking herb tea.
"Mr. Tuddles, I wonder what it feels like to ride a horse?"
"It would probably be exhilarating to ride a beast of such power and force,"
answered his friend the dragon caterpillar, as he followed them along their course.
"It would take discipline and determination to control such a beast,
and he stands five dragon gnomes high, at the very least."
"I don't think it matters whether an animal is big or small,
showing them proper respect is most important of all.
Besides that, trust is another important thing,
once granted, you can make even the most stubborn of songbirds sing."
"You're right Mr. Tuddles, I do agree,
trust and respect is the right philosophy."

They strolled to the stables, that warm summer night,
riding a horse they wished, under the beautiful moonlight.
"Mr. Horse, with stunning black hide and standing so tall,
I respectfully request to ride you, if it's no trouble at all."
"I grant your request, my little dragon gnome friend,
but you must hang on tight, or it could be your end."
"I understand what you're saying, and I will abide,
to all of your rules, with which you guide.
"Mr. Tuddles and I, will cling on tight,
falling from your height, would be quite a fright."
"Climb on to my back with the help from that sack,
I promise this night, excitement it will not lack."

Mr. Brumpi did as was told,
the horse's mane he did have a hold,
and unto the beach they rode out,
with all the excitement, he just had to shout out.
"It feels exhilarating, feeling this wind on my face,
and hearing your hooves pounding the sand out of place.
I can easily see why, your kind are so revered,
your impressive nature, is why you were reared."
"I thank you for your complement, it is always nice to see and hear,
respectful behavior, which leads to new friends you hold near and dear.
But I hate to disappoint you, my little gnome friend?
It is getting quite late and this ride must come to an end."
"We appreciate your time and your kindness with us tonight.
This unique experience, was a true delight."
"Comeback anytime, you want to feel the wind graze your face,
I will gladly grant your request, for another ride upon this place."

Mr. Brumpi and Mr. Tuddles again, thanked the stunning black horse,
for their nocturnal ride, for which they have no remorse.
Mr. Brumpi looked unto the beach, and reflected on the day,
"By showing proper respect, we made a new friend today.
With respect we built trust,
and to maintain a friend, trust is a must."
The End

Mr. Brumpi Walks On The Moon

By: Antonio Garza

Mr. Brumpi, a little dragon gnome that lives in a tree by the sea,
looked up at the moon one night, and wished there, he could be.
He asked his friend Mr. Tuddles, a dragon caterpillar he'd known since he was born,
if he knew how to get to the moon, without any worries or scorn.

"Mr. Tuddles, we can't get there by jumping,
I can't even reach that apple of which I was hoping.
We can't get there by climbing,
our ladder is too short, said Mr. Brumpi, not smiling.
We can't get there by flying,
we don't have any wings," said Mr. Brumpi, sighing.
"And I've never seen any bird or even the swift sparrow,
flying higher than the snowy peak of Mount Kilimanjaro."

"Alas, Mr. Tuddles, I will never get to walk on the moon."
"On the contrary Mr. Brumpi, you can be there this lovely night in June."
"I am sure I do not know what you mean?"
"It is actually quite easy. You can use your mind, it is quite keen."
"Use my mind? You mean imagine that I am there?"
"Yes. With your mind you can visit anywhere."

Mr. Brumpi sat down and leaned back on his tree.
He thought hard and he thought long and soon the moon surface, he could see.
"Mr. Tuddles, I see the moon floor beneath my feet.
This is so exhilarating, I can't believe I've never done this before, it is so neat.
The ground is cushy and soft,
I feel very alive, being aloft.
I am now jumping and bounding from spot to spot.
Six feet, nine feet, twelve feet, it is quite a lot."
"That is great Mr. Brumpi, I am glad you could visit the moon.
Later, we can go on safari, visit a volcano or sail the mighty sea, it is never too soon."

"Thank you Mr. Tuddles, for showing me how,
to be in many places, be it then or be it now.
I wish everyone would know, what I learned today.
You can use your mind for work and also for play."

"Mr. Brumpi Finds A Wallet"

By: Antonio Garza

Mr. Brumpi, a little dragon gnome that lives in a tree by the sea,
took a walk on the beach after having herb tea.
His friend Mr. Tuddles, a dragon caterpillar four inches long,
comfortably sat on his shoulder, as he tagged along.

The gentle breeze and salty mist,
lifted their spirits, like an ice cold tea with a lemon twist.
This evening's walk, which didn't lack talk,
soon was halted,
as Mr. Brumpi's step faulted.
"What is this?" asked Mr. Brumpi, looking at the sand.
He picks up this thing, using only one hand.
It was all full of sand and seaweed to boot,
then out came a crab. Oh, what a hoot.
It scared Mr. Brumpi, and he danced around,
shaking the little crab, down to the ground.
Mr. Tuddles, laughing out loud and hanging on tight,
kept picturing Mr. Brumpi, dancing around in the evening's sun light.

The commotion died down and soon came around,
the figuring out, of what they had found.
"What is that, Mr. Brumpi? You've seen this before?"
"Humans call it a wallet, here they keep a few dollars, or more."
"Dollars? What are dollars? What are they for?"
"Humans trade them for things, things they need or adore."
"Why can't they be like us? We don't need any dollars."
"Humans feel they need many things, including fancy collars."
"Life here is simple, we help Mother Nature and then she helps us."
"Yes it is Mr. Tuddles, Mother Nature has made our life very joyous."

"Mr. Brumpi, what do we do, with that thing all filled with sand and goo?"
He thought for a moment, removing the sand from his carved wooden shoe,
"We'll need to return it. It is the right thing to do."
"Return it? Why? It'll be dangerous, don't you think?"
"The owner is probably upset, and has raised quite a stink.
Losing this wallet, all full of his things,
he can't function properly and the inconvenience it brings."

"How do we know who it belongs to?" asked Mr. Tuddles confused.
"That is a good question, the picture in here is worn and abused.
Since we don't read human, we must take it to someone who can.
I know, we should take it to the person they call, policeman."
"Policeman? What does a policeman do?"
"I think a policeman prevents them from going cuckoo."
We will sneak into town, late into the night,
hand it to him hidden, by the lack of sunlight.
He'll do the right thing, just wait and you'll see,
policemen are nice, they'll protect you and me.

They did as was planned,
and slipped it into his hand.
The policeman was surprised,
had to have been a good citizen, he surmised.
Through the wallet he thumbed,
I'm on a mission, he hummed.
He walked to a house, and knocked on their door,
the owner saw his lost wallet, and jumped high off the floor.

"We did a good deed," said Mr. Brumpi.
"That man was so happy, he is no longer grumpy.
I hope it's easy to see,
returning what's lost, is the right thing for you, and the right thing for me."